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What kind of clients do you work with?
Age groups ranging from newborn till early adulthood
Does my child have ADHD?
Clear criterias are available for diagnosis. When needed medical and /or psychologic interventions usually do help.
What is Epilepsi?
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A 2½-year-old girl developed a bilateral occipital infarct following severe gastroenteritis with bilateral vision of light perception. Evaluations for sickle cell anemia, hemolytic anemia and coagulopathies were negative.
Irreversible Loss of Vision in a Child due to Occipital Infarction after Gastroenteritis

Adipic acid can appear, in combination with other dicarboxylic acids, in the urine of patients in a number of underlying metabolic diseases. A child with seizures and mental retardation of unknown etiology who was found to have…
Isolated adipic aciduria

Hepatitis A virus is rarely associated with extrahepatic complications. A child presented with a history suggesting Raynaud’s phenomenon and severe digital gangrene, as a complication of hepatitis A infection.
Isolated digital gangrene complicating hepatitis a infection in a child

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Dr. Dana Hasbini MD- Pediatric Neurology , graduated from the American University of Beirut.  Dr. Dana has massive experience in diagnosing and treating  critical and severe epilepsy cases around the Middle East and North Africa…

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